Aug 1, 2019

Estate agents get this. But do they really?


You’ll be very familiar with one of the oldest adages in the world of sales and marketing:
People buy from people.
It’s obvious, really isn’t it?
As humans, we’re hardwired to personally connect with each other, and when we feel personally connected to a brand or business, they’re much more likely to win our business.
You could ask most estate agents whether they agree with this, and most would.
Some of them probably even do a decent job at engaging on a more personal level with their prospects.
But in my experience, most agents struggle to translate that personal touch into their digital communications, particularly on their website.
Which – when you think about it – is a bit of a problem.
You see, your website can often be the very first interaction that a prospect has with your agency.
It’s effectively the first salesperson that they come across.
And if it doesn’t personally connect with them, then it’s failing to meet all of their needs, and won’t be as successful as a result.
So how do you fix it? How can your website personally connect with your prospects? Here are two ideas:
1. Make the most of your ‘About Us’ page
Most agents don’t know that About pages are some of the most visited pages on all websites – it’s where prospects go to find out who the people are behind the business.
Use your About page to really get across the personality of the people in your team – the more you can do this, the higher your chances of resonating with a prospect at this early stage.
2. Do more video
We all know that video is now absolutely vital for engaging with prospects – more hours of online video are consumed every single day.
One happy result of the rise of video is that it allows you to get the personality of your agency across much more easily – as the saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words”, and a video probably says a million.
Getting your personality across online doesn’t have to complicated or costly – with a better About Us page and more video, you can make that personal connection straight away, creating more trust for what you do, and more desire to learn more.

If you want a steer on how to make these things happen for your agency, feel free to give us a shout.
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