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There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that estate agents would do well to remember during this uncertain period for our market:
“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills”
It’s simple, but there’s little doubt that it’s profound.
You see, in this changing market, you’ve got two choices:
1. Try and keep operating the way you always have, and put in defences to try and stop the changes affecting you
2. Look at the changes and see them as an opportunity and a chance to accelerate the progress of your agency
In other words, it’s a choice between a “survive” mentality and a “thrive” mentality.
Look at how Purple Bricks, Yopa and EweMove have changed the game.
It’s easy to look at that change, fear it and batten down the hatches and hope it goes away.
But the forward-thinking ‘thrive’ minded agents will be looking at the digital revolution and wondering how they can make the most of it.
And there’s good news – not only can independent agents like you use the changes in the market to your advantage, you’re actually in the best possible position to do so.
You’re not some big corporate machine, where it takes six months to change a line on your website, and a year to change your marketing approach.
Instead, you’re big enough that you’ve got the means to be able to make changes, but small enough to be able to make them quickly and dynamically.
And if you recognise the significant opportunity available to you in the current market, then there’s an event you really can’t miss this July:
Strength in numbers: how independent multi-branch estate agents can exploit their numerical advantage, compete against online super brands and get more leads and instructions in 2019 and beyond is a half-day event in both Manchester and London, specifically for independent, multi-branch agents.
The event is squarely focused on independent estate agents and on equipping you with the knowledge you need to take advantage of this changing market, and it’s completely free.
We’ll be covering a lot of different topics, including:
  • The specific pages that all independent multi-branch agents should be maximising, but most aren’t
  • How you can use your branding to get seen and remembered by your prospects
  • The art of omnipresence, and how to inject your business into your audience’s consciousness
  • How to generate more leads and acquire more instructions online
  • And lots more…
If you haven’t confirmed your place yet, I urge you to do so very soon – we’ve got limited space in both locations, and when the room’s full, it’s full.
Here are a few questions you might have about the event before confirming your attendance:

When is it and where is it?

We’re running it in Manchester on 18th July, and again in London on 25th July.
Both events will kick off at 12pm and finish at 4pm, with refreshments available
throughout the session, and some drinks and networking after the presentations have finished.

How much is it?

It’s free.

Is it a “pitch fest”?

No. We like Macbooks and mochas, frappes and fonts – we’re a world away from the slick sales presentations you get at some business events.
Would we like you to go away from the event thinking that we know more than a thing or
two about branding and websites? Yes.
But are we going to awkwardly sell to you and hand out order forms? No.

Are there limited spaces?

Yes. We’ve chosen two intimate venues, because we want this to be a personal event that each attendee gets a lot from. Each venue holds 30 people, so once we’re full, we’re full.

What’s the next step?

Tell us you want to come! We’ll get your name on the list and remind you as we get nearer to the date.

To secure your free place, email us now on or give us a call on 0161 6727820


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