Estate agent disconnect

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In the property industry, websites are more important than ever.

Yes, I would say that, but it’s true. Over 50% of buyers now find their home online, which means that if you’re serious about succeeding in 2019 and beyond, your online presence is not just important, it’s vital.

But as consumers get more sophisticated and technology continues to accelerate, having a website isn’t enough.

You’ll have a software system that manages and holds all your property data, and that system will probably be able to pass that data onto your website.

If you’re really lucky, it might work the other way too, with new leads being transported from your website to your software system.

But in this fast-paced, competitive world we now live in, you need more.
Your site is the single most important “shopfront” for your agency, but unless it talks to every other element of your business, it’s not as effective as it could (and should) be.

It’s less than ideal to have a website that gives your contacts an opportunity to ‘opt in’, but doesn’t allow you to recognise that contact when they walk-in a few days later, and have data on the properties they’ve looked at when they do walk in.

It’s far from perfect to pick up the phone to someone who’s interested in buying a new property if you don’t have the data on the kind of properties they’re interested in.

In short, most agencies have websites and software that don’t truly talk to each other, and the result is a diminished experience for customers, and frustration and time-drain for the business owner and staff members.

Most agencies just aren’t “joined up” in the way that modern consumer expects.

It’s a problem. But it’s an opportunity too.

Look at how the market has changed with the rise of the online agents – they’ve looked at ways to enhance the convenience of buying and selling properties.

I’m not saying you should convert to online, but what’s clear is that the more convenient you can make your experience, the more joined up and the more cohesive, the more impressive your customer journey will be, the more business you’ll get and the more referrals you’ll generate.

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