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I probably don’t need to convince you of the value of branding.

You only have to look at the way that agents like Purple Bricks and EweMove have invested heavily in their brand and reaped the rewards.

The right message, the right logo, the right colours and right website are all vital cogs in convincing prospects in the wisdom of choosing your agency, but here’s the issue:

Most agencies who invest time, money and effort in getting their brand spot on NEVER maximise that time, money and effort.


Because their brand doesn’t stay consistent.

It only takes a few letters sent out with the wrong font, or the wrong colours used on a print advert, and all of that work you’ve done in creating a consistent, cohesive brand is nullified.

And when a brand is inconsistent, it loses credibility, gravitas and trust.

How do you fix the problem? Brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines are a set of rules that govern how your branding elements are used.

They’re shared with anyone who creates anything for your agency; so whether someone is designing a banner, building a website or crafting an email, they’ll be able to look at a manual and understand exactly what they can and can’t use, and when and where they can use it.

Typically, an agency’s brand guidelines will include:

•    Your brand colour palette
•    Your typography – fonts and families of fonts
•    Your logo – including all the iterations of it

As well as these assets, there’ll be instructions about how and when to use each element.

Some brand guidelines are more expensive than others, but regardless of how comprehensive yours are, you need to have them.

If you want some help to create brand guidelines for your agency, get in contact with us today.


If you need guidance or support with your estate agency design and messaging please contact our branding team or email dave@propertystream.co  

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