Feb 3, 2016

Don’t be a sheep! – Agency with a difference

Ewemove know how to capture their audience, from their quirky designs to their effective lead generation. It’s a gold mine of a website and of little surprise that they have progressed to over 90 franchises across the UK since we initially launched their website 3 years ago.

Glenn Ackroyd, Co-Owner of EweMove says “the website that Property Stream have designed and developed looks awesome! The team at Property Stream certainly know how to create beautiful looking sites and we’re delighted with the end result”.

The Ewemove brand has come of age and Property Stream wanted to convey that. Whilst maintaining the iconic hand drawn sheep, the layouts and colours are more refined, as are the illustrations. We are confident this will be a massive boost to their goals of Estate Agency World domination.

As estate agents continue to become more digital savvy we’re seeing more embrace online trends to get results and engage with customers. Without going into too much techy jargon, the Ewemove site works like a hub. It pulls and integrates to generate leads and opportunities and synchronises data with external property hubs (such as Rightmove and Zoopla).

You can see more of the new Ewemove website here

Maybe it’s time to find what makes you Ewe-nique!… For a free consultation email hello@propertystream.co or give the friendly team a quick call on 0161 672 7820


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