Could you be neglecting your digital presence?

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Over lockdown, we were the busiest we had ever been.

Our phones were ringing with new enquiries. Our current clients were requesting new work. And we were hearing about the importance of your ‘online shop window’ from left, right and centre.

Of course, these were things we already knew were important. But it was encouraging to see so many businesses waking up to it - especially in the property sector.

You see, we have often found that websites get neglected by estate agents across the country. There has historically been a reluctance to prioritise the digital presence over current day-to-day operations, and therefore redesigns of sites can get pushed down the bottom of the to-do list.

Over lockdown, things seemed to change.

We were talking to more estate agents than ever before about how their digital presence could keep them afloat.

From organising the functionality for video viewings to managing social media, we’ve been helping estate agencies innovate online. 

Now that a degree of normality has returned, we think it’s vital estate agencies don’t become complacent about the power of their digital presence. 

Your digital presence is forever, not just for lockdown

As an agency, we see these fluctuations and we know that everyone experiences those lulls. If estate agents turn their backs on their websites when they’re busy, they won’t have anything to support them when the market quietens. 

A poor website will do substantial damage to your brand reputation. 

This could be a website that is tricky to navigate. Or a site that looks really outdated.

We’ve all been in the position where we’ve clicked away from a page in annoyance. This could be because it’s slow or organised chaotically. Don’t let that be the first impression people have of your brand!

A website can help out when you're busy

Ironically, although a strong website can keep a business afloat during difficult times - such as a lull in the market or a lockdown - it can also help you when you are at your busiest.

By providing useful information about properties, sales and lettings processes, bookings, sales progression, local area information and guides, your website can save you time, acting as another helpful member of your team.

A good website can make selling your services and properties quicker and easier. This is simply by automating many parts of your business.

Don’t get caught out this time. Another lockdown during the winter months is quite probable, and with the majority of the country stuck at home behind screens, once again we will need all the help we can get.

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