Copy – don’t underestimate this powerful marketing tool

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Copy isn’t just words on a page.


Copy is all about engagement, motivation and establishing customer loyalty.

Substandard copy will reflect terribly on your business and your brand. A customer may be turned off your sloppy, error-riddled copy because they view it as an extension of the product you’re trying to sell them.

Quality copy is a compelling yet often overlooked marketing tool, yet the human power of copy should never be underestimated. Good copy establishes trust and builds brand loyalty, ultimately, it wins over hearts and minds.

Good copy should…

  • Completely embody your values

  • Pique your customer’s interest

  • Act as the human voice of your business

  • Identify your customer’s pain points and address them

  • Position itself correctly in line with your brand

  • Maintain a consistent brand character

  • Always be found in the right places (your website, your social media)

Let us create copy for you.

We can offer a personalised approach to copy here at PropertyStream. We aim to discover your voice and your message and, using this, shape a powerful brand story that is unique to your business alone.

To create your bespoke copy, we will workshop with you and talk directly with you. This will ensure we adopt the tone that best fits your business.

We appreciate that words aren’t everyone’s speciality and carefully crafting content can eat into important time and energy. So, let us take some of that pressure off your hands.

The copy packages we offer…

  • Your brand story – compelling narrative copy that encapsulates what makes your brand unique

  • Your brand values – powerful copy to define to keystones of your brand

  • Bespoke content for your website

  • Snappy and engaging copy for all your marketing campaigns

  • Quality blog posts and articles


Let’s discuss a content strategy soon:


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