Mar 7, 2022

Branding terms


Are you happy with your branding? Or looking to get started with a new project? It’s such an important part of your business. You want to stand out, target the right audience and be consistent with your estate agency branding
It’s not just about your name and logo. Your branding is intertwined in each part of your business, whether it’s the way your workforce works in line with your values, you are designing a leaflet or brochure and even your social media marketing. 

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Need help with branding terms? Before starting a project it’s really handy to be familiar with some of them:
  • Brand ambassador
This is the face of the brand. Back in the day, it would be the owner of the business or an endorsed celebrity humanising the brand. Nowadays, a brand ambassador could be your employees, loyal customers or anyone who is passionate about the brand.
  • Brand assets
Elements including fonts, colours or any graphics that help you identify a brand. Each individual element should spark recognition but putting them all together will create the brand identity. 
  • Brand audit
A thorough examination of a brand to understand its strengths and weaknesses. An audit will help you identify any opportunities or anything that needs to be improved or changed. 
  • Brand awareness
The extent to which customers are familiar with a particular brand. Increasing brand awareness is often a goal for new brands, targeting new target markets or introducing new products or services. 
  • Brand guidelines
A document or instruction manual detailing the principles of the brand and how it should be used. It will provide guidance and understanding of its story, mission and vision. Brand guidelines can be for internal or external use. 
  • Brand identity
The visual elements and components that distinguish the brand to its intended audience. This could be the logo, tagline or colours and shapes. 
  • Brand positioning
Where a brand stands against others in the market. A strong brand position requires all marketing efforts to successfully make an impression on its customers. 
  • Brand values
The brand’s beliefs and promises that underline its purpose and guide towards its behaviour. What does your business stand for? 
  • Graphic style 
The theme, look and feel of graphic elements that are part of the brand’s appearance. 
  • Icon 
A small, graphic representation of a brand or if there is the use of multiple, it can be a brand’s stylistic extensions. Icons can help convey a message visually. 
  • Logo
A visual signifier for a brand, this could be a shape, image or text. A logo helps the customer to identify a brand, for example, Nike’s swish.  
  • Parent brand
The main brand that supports its subsidiary products or services by sharing its identity. The parent brand is usually well established which its sub-brand would benefit from. 
  • Rebranding
Revisiting a brand and changing it. This could be because of an acquisition or change in target audience or other business changes. 
  • Repositioning
Changing the way customers view your brand. This might be due to the target market shifting or the product or service being used differently. 
We hope this comes in handy whether you are looking to do any branding now or in the future. 
Looking for a branding agency?
PropertyStream can help, we have lots of experience helping property sector businesses rebrand or create a brand from scratch. 
Whether you are looking for that kind of estate agent branding job or you just need an eye-catching brochure or flyer created in your colours and font, we’ll happily help. 
Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or if you would like to discuss our services, we are also specialists in estate agency website design and can assist with all aspects of your estate agency marketing needs – email us at or call us on 0333 242 0647.


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