Blame it on the B words

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It’s impossible to read the news right now without reading about two “B” words – Boris and Brexit.
And recently I’ve seen a lot of pieces centred around the fear that a Boris Johnson government and a no-deal Brexit would be harmful for UK small businesses.
I’m not going to make a comment on that – I firmly believe in the old adage that conversations about politics and religion are two things that can ruin a good dinner party.
But what I will say is this:
There will always be a reason to look at the economic climate and be fearful.
There’ll always be factors outside your control that could have an impact on your business.
And the reality is that there’s precious little you can do about it.
Which is why my philosophy is simple: control what you can control.
You can control how many visitors visit your website.
You can control how many of those visitors choose to take a further step towards you.
You can control the quality of your sales process.
You can control the amount of value that you exchange for your fee.
And the truth is that more visitors and more conversions, coupled with higher quality selling and a higher degree of value will result in a better, stronger agency.
So, instead of wondering whether Brexit will bolt your doors shut, focus on what you can control, which is how many times your doors will open today, tomorrow, next week and next month.

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