The beginner’s guide to making your estate agency stand out

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The beginner's guide to making your estate agency stand out.


Property is no easy business, especially in the midst of a housing crisis with thousands struggling to get on the property ladder. And now, agencies are starting to feel the brunt of this. This doesn’t mean it’s the end for estate agents. It just means you need to work harder to stand out. So how do you do this?

It’s time to get creative. It’s no longer just about cold, hard facts. Customers want to see the life behind the brand, not just the face it puts on in front of visitors.

Luckily, this has never been easier. In the digital world, you have the opportunity to sell to a variety of audiences of all ages and interests - and it’s all just a click away.


The basics

Design, messaging, social media - the fundamental three. These are the essential staples of the modern-day brand. Each one shows off your business’s human side while maintaining professionalism - the perfect combination for success. In light of this, have a quick think. Is your website in order? If you were searching for a house, would your website engage you? If the answer is no, it’s time to think about changing this with a website and branding makeover.



Unfortunately, it isn’t the early 2000’s anymore. People these days demand to see high-quality images, gifs, and animations. If you can’t provide these, it’s likely your business won’t be taken seriously. The internet is no longer just for sharing plain old information. Are you up-to-date on the latest tech jargon? Do you know what a gif is? Or a meme? Make sure you are clued up on all things internet before you start social postings, writing blogs, and recreating your website.



It’s likely you are more than familiar with your brand colours. You see them every day. But whether the colours still go well together and are effective in today's market may be harder to work out. If you feel like your brand needs sprucing up, there’s no better time than the present to woo your customers with great design, get more attention and stand out from your competitors.

Furthermore, what does your brand represent today? Has your business evolved over the years? Answering these questions will get you on the way to answering what you want your branding to express about your business, and whether you are perceived how you'd like to be.



So you have your website content, all the knowledge pieces are in check and are doing their job - but what about your blog? If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to consider changing your strategy. Blogs are essential to contemporary marketing success. They are the ‘informal’, ‘chatty’, and ‘human’ side to a business that customers search for, consume and demand more of. Plus, all this content (if correctly optimised) eventually leads to more traffic and more business for your company.


Social media

Whether you are up to date on the latest Twitter character limit or not, you need to use social media to market your business. Why? Because every social media platform has a specific age group audience, making it super easy to target your ideal customers. So if selling to high-flying single achievers is your niche, then you can choose the best social platform for the job. A family looking for their first house? There will be a social platform that fits like a glove to engage their attention. Anything you want, social media can find.

Social media also allows you to portray your brand in the way you want. Are you banterous and informal? Approachable and cosy? Or serious and classy? Your customers will know just by taking a quick glance at your profile. You’ll be able to give them a feel for the type of properties you sell and why they should hire you.


What now?

We understand that turning your business dreams into a reality can be tricky; especially when tech and trends change every day, if not every hour. That’s why we offer award-winning design and messaging services to help you. Our dedication to the property sector means that we have a deep understanding of the challenges property agencies struggle with. Making your agency stand out is our number one goal. Interested? Get in touch today on 01616727820 to see how PropertyStream can help your estate agency stand head and shoulders above the crowd.


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