Are you making an impact in the right way?

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Are you making an impact in the right way?


Whether you're doing so consciously or not, every day, as an estate agency you are making some form of an impact. It's not for us at this stage to comment on whether or not it is a good one. Nonetheless, by merely existing in the industry, clients know of you and have their own opinion.

We want to propose a question to you: “Are you currently making an impact in the right way?”

Typically, a positive impact is the result of exceptional customer service and an excellent customer journey throughout your interactions. As well as going above and beyond to take care of the small details that have a big lasting effect that stands out in your client's minds: leaving them with an excellent impression of your brand.

If you think the answer is yes, we’d like to counter with: “Who’s making that decision, you, or your client?”

It's bragging when you say how good you are; it's valuable credibility when customers do it.

For example, a client singing your praises saying: "Nothing is too much trouble. We have been working with Property Stream for almost a year and a half. They have done a great job of building us a new website and bringing our brand to life. The team are very dedicated to delivering great customer service and are very easy to work with” is much more impactful than having the strapline on your website “we sell property and we are great at it…” (The testimony is genuinely some wonderful feedback from one of our clients).

There are two key ways (except delivering the message yourself) you’re currently being portrayed to new potential clients. Through your brand, and through people you’ve already had dealings with in the past - irrelevant of whether they are a client or not.

What your brand says about you

We know you don’t need us to educate you on how quickly we as judgemental beings make up our mind on first impressions. In a split second, your website conveys your brand and company message - what do you want that message to be? Is it one that is lost in the same white noise as other agencies by following the same old patterns?

Being different is crucial to growth. Replicating what everyone else is doing will only put you in the pursuit of where they are. Pursuing something isn't the same as actually achieving it. Are you happy being seen as a sheep or would you prefer to be bold and become recognised as an innovative agency that isn’t afraid to lead from the front? That kind of confidence combined with going the extra mile positions your agency as a recognisable brand that customers want to remain loyal to. It’s worth reviewing your current content and marketing messages to make sure they sit in line with your intended tone of voice.


What your clients say about you

Happy clients are the most powerful marketing tools you can ever hope to yield. When you create brand advocates that are beyond pleased with the levels of service that you offer and that you don't even have to ask to sing your praises, you know that you're doing something right. A good indication that you're on this path is a steady stream of word of mouth referrals. If you're not there yet, how do you find out what your clients think of you and do you know what your clients want? It's very simple; ask them. You can set up simple polls or straightforward questionnaires to gather feedback that relates directly to their experience. If it wasn't favourable, you could use this valuable information to continuously grow and improve your agency. If they are happy and complimentary of your service, then this feedback will lay some fantastic, credible foundations for other potential clients.


How can you utilise positive feedback?

Great feedback isn't the kind of news that you should want to keep to yourself. People love stories, and so you can effectively use testimonials or better yet, build these into case studies to demonstrate the positive impact you're having on other clients lives.


Our mission here at Property Stream is to help you grow your business through creating a powerful and impactful brand experience for your customers. We do so by creating a cutting-edge website platform to generates new business enquiries via a highly targeted and creative digital marketing campaign. To find out how we can help you, get in touch today on 01616727820.

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