Apple, Amazon and selling houses

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Apple, Amazon and selling houses

How do Apple sell so many computers?

Why does everyone just default to buying pretty much everything on Amazon?

There’s no one answer to these questions, but one thing is for certain: a huge factor is the fact that they’ve built brands that are trustworthy and authentic.

You don’t get either of those things overnight – you have to show up and do a good job consistently to build that sort of brand, but it’s fair to say that the prize for doing so is well worth it.

Imagine yours being the agency that people just default to – there’s no discussion about whether they should go elsewhere; you’re the only choice.

That’s exactly the place that Apple and Amazon have got themselves into – millions of people just default to the iPhone, and most people buy everything on Amazon without even checking the price elsewhere.

So, how can you do something similar in the property sector?

There’s no one answer, but there are three areas that – if you focus on – will help you build a brand that is trustworthy, authentic and stands out in the marketplace:


You’ve got to have a great offering, and you’ve got to deliver that offering in a reliable, dependable way. Over time, your brand becomes known for these values, making you stand out from other, less reliable agencies.


You can’t build a brand without respecting your customers. Don’t try and pull the wool over their eyes – be honest and authentic in all your communication.

Respect their wishes too – if a high proportion of customers indicate that there’s something that you can improve on in your agency, respect that feedback and make changes as a result.


It’s a cliché, but people buy people. And that’s why successful brands like Apple, Virgin and Tesla use the personalities of their founders to connect with their audience.

Maybe you don’t want to be Richard Branson, and that’s fine, but regardless, don’t neglect the human element. A brand like First Direct has made huge waves in the banking industry without having a “frontperson” because they concentrate on making their customer experience real and relationship building.

The good news about all of this is that you’re not selling computers, or gadgets, where there’s a high degree of competition for branding.

You’re selling houses. And the more trustworthy and authentic you make your brand, the more you’ll sell.

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