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NEW SignaturePlus - a website for estate agents with a real competitive edge. 

SignaturePlus is our award-winning bespoke website specifically developed for the very best estate agents. Earlier this year, we brought out a new release to SignaturePlus to create an elevated estate agency website that offers unparalleled UX, lightning fast loading speeds and the best real-time editing tool in the industry.

In this blog, we take a look at the new and innovative features of SignaturePlus and explain how these can help the very best estate agents stay at the top of their game.

What are the innovative features of our latest SignaturePlus website release? 

SignaturePlus is a product like no other, created using the latest technology framework, unique to the property sector.  After several months of meticulous planning, building, consulting and creating, we unveiled our latest release of SignaturePlus earlier this year, a bespoke estate agent website carefully tailored for the top 5% of estate agents.  Agents with ambition.  Agents with a vision to transform, perfect and innovate. 

SignaturePlus is a power-house of a website using the most advanced technology and latest visual builder. This innovative product delivers:

  • The FASTEST website out there for estate agents
  • Stunning, immersive design and UX 
  • Powerful SEO
  • Super slick and easy editing functionality


How does the SignaturePlus website help estate agents?

This estate agency website helps the best agents stay at the top of their game and ahead of the competition to drive leads, valuations and brand reputation. In a digital world,  agents can future-proof their business and reach new digital heights with SignaturePlus. Built in quest of perfection, SignaturePlus is a synchronisation of superior technology and the most beautiful estate agent website design:

  • Lightning fast loading speeds 
  • Powerful SEO 
  • Seamless integrations, APIs and services 
  • Unparalleled user experience 
  • Game-changing editing functionality 

What’s NEW and different about the latest SignaturePlus release?

Let's break down the most important, new features of SignaturePlus:

The speed of your website:

SignaturePlus offers unparalleled loading speeds which has several key benefits:

  • Exceptional UX:
    Speed gives users excellent user experience while browsing your website. Switching between property searches, property videos, your blog and your meet the team page super quick, without delays. There’s nothing more frustrating than a spinning wheel and a frozen screen. With SignaturePlus, visitors can multi-task across several pages without issues.
  • SEO and Google score:
    Speed is one of the key factors considered by Google when scoring and ranking websites so with SignaturePlus you know your website has the best foundations for a good score which can help towards improving your position in the SERPs (search engine results page) on Google. 
  • In-house efficiency:
    Your team will find it super quick and easy to find, view and share content on your website for themselves, your customers and your prospects. No delays.

Video content:

SignaturePlus is built to accommodate video content throughout, a powerful and crucial media format for estate agents. Practically all the sections and modules on this website have the ability to add videos, including video testimonials from your customers. There is no better way to communicate client satisfaction to potential customers than to include testimonial videos. Film these at the property or in the office and use it on your website and in marketing.



Compatibility with latest integrations and features:

SignaturePlus will seamlessly accommodate all estate agency integrations and feeds including all major CRM systems on the market and key prop-tech integrations such as Locrating, Sprift, Giraffe360, Matterport, Goodlord, Dataloft and many others. SignaturePlus also allows for live social media feeds. It also integrates with livechat providers such as Moneypenny, Yomdel and WhatsApp. We are currently working on integrating an AI chatbot for SignaturePlus, so watch this space. 

Editing content and keeping designs intact:

SignaturePlus uses the latest technology and visual builder to enable super slick editing and management of content. It lets you create new pages and content blocks in real-time so you can see changes inside the CMS and updates are easier to manage. This means high quality designs and optimal  layouts are more easily preserved. Many estate agents come to us complaining that their current website is a real challenge to update and their web providers are not quick enough to respond to changes they want to make.

With SignaturePlus, you can take control of your own website content and manage edits and updates freely on your website, with ease. Of course, we’ll train you on using the back-end of the website, so you have confidence in working with it.

If you need help, our UK based support team are always here, just a quick call or email away. We are quick to respond to, and resolve any queries.

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How much is a SignaturePlus website?

We offer flexible payment options for SignaturePlus.

A one off build cost starts from £10,000 or you can pay monthly with an all-inclusive monthly subscription from £535 which includes website design, build, support, hosting as well as quarterly performance review and content refresh.

In terms of delivering a positive return, we have seen increases in website conversions of over 600% and ROI for our SignaturePlus website in excess of 1000%.

To find out more, book a one-to-one demo with our Founding Director Robin Arnold. Email: enquiries@propertystream.co or call 0333 242 0647.

We are the most awarded website providers in the property sector and renowned for our exceptional estate agent website design and high-performing sites that will help you drive more valuations, more income.  Read more about SignaturePlus and our full range of estate agency websites.

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