5 processes to streamline your business

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Running a successful business is a HUGE responsibility, and as you grow, it can be a hard realisation that you can’t actually be in more than one place at a time, or that there is only 24 hours in a day! Using systematic processes and automation can be a huge blessing and there are a few processes and tips we’ve picked up on estate agents can follow to save as much time so you can get on with the important work of helping customers buy and sell!

  1. Property Feed Integration

Ensure your properties and other details are always up-to-date on your website with property software integrations. This not only enhances the experience for your customers but also cuts administration time to give you more time to go out and make the sales. We offer this free with all our websites!

  1. Book valuations/viewings online  

Save administration time by automating your bookings process. By giving potential customers the option to book a valuation or a viewing online, you cut out the time taken to discuss convenient times and create a mutually convenient arrangement automatically, meaning all you have to do is turn up on the day.

  1. Powerful property search

Having a property search tool not only shortens the buying process for potential buyers, it also allows you to get a clearer insight into what potential buyers are looking for on your website. This can give you a clear indication into your target market and potential new target markets. It saves you valuable time as you will already know what the potential buyers are looking for and therefore just provide the convenient viewings when necessary.

  1. Live Chat

Live Chat can save you valuable time, particularly if you get a lot of web leads without conversions. This can cut your time spent dealing with technical and general enquiries so you can focus on converting the real leads. Our client EweMove are now typically getting over 60 leads per month just from the Live Chat.

  1. External marketing team

It can be hard to trust other people with your business’s reputation but when you work with an external marketing team who specialise in your industry and are committed to learning your way of doing things they will be able to integrate to become a key part of your business and deliver great results for you.

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