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Brand identity.

What is it? How important is it to your business?

Well, let’s think of your brand identity as multi-layered.

Your brand is essentially the entire public perception of your company. It is people’s first impressions of you, their feelings towards you, what they associate with you. Branding is way more than just a logo!

So your brand identity is equally multi-layered.

Your brand identity is, at its core, how you think and act as a business. It’s strongly based upon your values and your company culture. 

Moving from the inside out, your visual identity is the first thing someone sees. For McDonalds, it’s that iconic yellow-and-red combo and those golden arches. 


Think of your visual identity like your company’s clothes. They should fit right, they should look the part. A sloppy visual identity (a badly done logo, a tacky slogan) is like putting your brand out in the shop window in second-hand joggers. 

If your visual identity doesn’t match up with your brand, then you’re not going to attract the right customers. It’s like a CEO turning up for work in a clown suit. It sends the wrong message.

To settle on the right visual identity for you, you need to really sit down and look at your brand. Decide on your values. Look at your culture. Think about consistency across the board. Branding is how you talk to customers, how you answer emails, how you conduct yourself day to day - not just big picture thinking.

Once you have a clear direction, it will be a lot easier to find a visual identity to match. It should feel like the perfect pair of jeans, or a custom-fitted suit. Your visual identity should in some way represent the core personality of your brand.


Here at PropertyStream, we love helping property professionals find a brand identity that suits them and their business. We workshop with you and conduct thorough research to ensure we can convey your brand with impact. We create a bespoke brand strategy for you, as well as unique visual assets.

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