Do you stand out from the crowd?

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The property market is as competitive as ever, which combined with the pressures of the housing shortage means that Estate Agents really should be asking themselves; “How do we stand out from the crowd?”.

Times are changing and traditional marketing just isn’t enough anymore. If you really want to win instruction, you must do more than a few sales emails a month and a couple of ads in the local paper.

In an industry where margins are squeezed due to constant price cutting from competitors, ask yourself, from a consumer prospective, “what makes me the best person to sell your home, compared with the other 60 Estate Agents in the borough?”. If you don’t know the answer, you better start searching, and I’m not talking about a gimmicky marketing campaign or “book your free no-strings attached appointment”.

Paint a picture of your average client, and make a list of things they REALLY want. For example; if the average client who walks through your door is a young first-time buyer, what they really want could be some solid advice. You may not get the sale immediately, but when they are ready to show their money, it will be you who they trust to make the sale. A useful blog, FAQ page and casual meeting place for first-time buyers could be what makes you stand out from the crowd.

People like to buy off people. If they are sold on the idea of YOU, they will come back to YOU.

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