10 web design myths

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We know your forté is in the property industry, not designing websites that’s why we’ve compiled 10 web design myths to watch out for if you’re looking to update or have your website designed. Be careful of those common web design myths, the misconceptions can do more harm than good.

1. The most important part of my website is its appearance 

The visual aspect of your website is undeniably important however, that isn’t all that’s involved in web design. It includes designing the content and functions, having the right amount and going about it the right way is part of the web designers’ job. 

2. I’ll just use an album of nice photography I have for the visuals

You might have a bank of images from a previous photo shoot, but just plastering them about your website isn’t the best strategy. Your imagery on your website should be tactical and align with your brand. 

3. I can take or leave social media buttons 

Allowing customers to share on your website through social media buttons has more benefits than just brand awareness or growth in followers, it can also help improve SEO. The social signals have an impact on your search engine optimisation. 

4. The copy isn’t a big deal on my website

The copy on your website should be in the correct tone of voice and give customers the correct information they need. It is also a factor in the design of your website, the length and amount of copy will influence the look of each web page. 

5. Website updates aren’t needed

You have splashed out in getting your website professionally designed, why would it need to be updated? Like how fashion trends change, so do web design trends. If you want your customer’s experience to be the best it can be then updating your website is important.

6. The more features I have on my website the better 

Want to show you can offer lots to your customers by having all these features around your website? Well, that may not be the best way to go about that, it can complicate the website and some features may end up being useless. 

7. The key page on my website is the homepage

This is a common misconception but in reality, a lot of people land on your website because of a specific link through their search engine. For example, they may have found you through a certain property they wanted to view after searching for “4 bed for sale in Manchester”. 

8. I don’t need a responsive website

Not only does the responsiveness of your website provide a better user experience, but it is also a key factor towards Google indexing websites. The responsiveness of a website includes both smartphones and tablets as many of your customers will be browsing through these.

9. I must put as much content onto my website 

Balancing out the importance of the content and the amount of it is part of the web designer’s job. Having a lot of content on your website can clutter it and make it hard to use. 

10. Once my website is live, it’s finished

After investing in your website, don’t just neglect it. Keep customers up to date with your blog section and change the content when needed to keep it current.

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Myths aren’t necessarily made-up information, they came from somewhere right? A few of these myths exist today because they were previously what was on-trend and believed to make a great web design. 

We hope we’ve cleared some of them for you and if you’re interested in getting a website updated or designed, get in touch. Call 0333 242 3990 or email robin@propertystream.co

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