Aug 9, 2016

Rightmove or wrong move?


The profile section on the property portals is very beneficial for estate agents, providing potential buyers and renters with your main information and the opportunity to contact you regarding their interest in properties. However, there is one thing that’s missing… a link to their website! For this reason alone, many estate agents have relegated investing in a new site to the bottom of their list of priorities. Many estate agents believe that if the majority of their leads are coming from Rightmove and Zoopla, having a high-quality website isn’t a main priority.

This is the WRONG MOVE and here are the main reasons why;


Of course buyers and renters will browse the property portals, leading them directly to you. However, given that we’re experiencing a shortage of new properties being built in the UK, there is no problem finding potential buyers and renters. The main problem estate agents are facing is attracting sellers and getting new valuations on their books. Having an optimised website which attracts and converts leads is a great start but more commercially minded estate agents are seeing the benefit to having an optimised website specifically designed and developed to increase valuations. This also mean the list of properties you have available on the portal is higher – win/win!


One agent spoke to us about investing in their website now they’ve moved from Zoopla to OnTheMarket. OnTheMarket allows them to have a link to their website and this was a major factor in switching portals. As in any industry, when a market leader breaks new ground for their customers, competitors follow! In the property portal industry, currently dominated by Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket, it’s only a matter of time before the others also allow website links to your profile to keep up with OnTheMarket.


When people browse on the property portals, their data is recorded and kept by the portal. You will have no access to this data unless otherwise provided. Bringing people to your own website, however, allows you to track user behaviours and demographics from the first visit to the site to the final conversion. Many people don’t realise just how powerful a marketing tool Google Analytics is, however with a little guidance, it’s easy to use and can really assist in turning potential customers into happy customers!  

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