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Who else wants a proven framework guaranteed to generate leads?


If you’re an estate agent but you’re working more hours than you’d like, and taking less profit home than you want, this is for you…

Over the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you how you can get your hands on a framework that’ll help you to generate more leads and secure more instructions.


It’s a framework that’s been proven many times over, with corporate industry giants through to privately owned independent agents reaping the benefits of it.

Wherever you’re at on your journey, this framework can impact you – EweMove came to us as a start-up and were sold 3 years later for £15 million.

But before I tell you how you can get your hands on this valuable framework, let me just get the introductions out of the way: my name’s Robin Arnold and I’m a founder here at PropertyStream.

We launched PropertyStream back in 2016, because we could see that estate agents needed help.

To be as polite as possible, so many of them were living in the dark ages and failing to take advantage of the latest modern marketing methods to enhance their brand and overall presence in the marketplace.

Their websites were poor, their communication even poorer, and the result was tragic:

Good agents were missing out on business that they should have been getting, simply because they weren’t attracting the customers in the first place.

PropertyStream entered the marketplace as the antidote to that. My team and I have been devouring all things brand, web and marketing for the last two decades which means that we know more than most about what it takes to generate leads and get customers in this new digital economy we all find ourselves in.

And in our 4 years in business, it’s fair to say that we’ve made quite a splash – working with over 450 estate agents to drastically improve their web presence, help them generate more leads, build their brand and close more sales.

Anyway, that’s enough about us, let’s talk about you.

I speak to a lot of UK estate agents every week. Most of them bright, smart and switched on, like I’m sure you are.

But most of them are also not where they want to be.

They’ve got into the property game because they’re very good at finding and selling houses, delighting their customers and making a tangible difference in their lives.

They’ve enjoyed some success, but they want more, and they’re not sure how to achieve it.

They’re making some money, but not as much as they’d hoped when they set up in business, and even worse than that, they’re now working more hours than they were before, which is compromising the time they’re able to spend with their family.

In short, they’re running around trying to pay the bills, juggling holiday cover when staff members are off, out on the road doing viewings and working until far later than they’d like, and they’re not even getting handsomely rewarded for it.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you wish you had more leads and sales streaming into your agency?

Do you feel like you’re providing a lot of value to your clients and not getting the return you deserve?

Are you working all the hours under the sun to provide for your family?

If the answer to any of those answers is “yes”, then take it from me: you need to do something about it.

After all, this isn’t the scenario you were hoping for when you set out in business.

You wanted a good income, and you also wanted freedom.

You wanted to be able to live in the house you want and still get to do the school run.

You wanted to be able to take a holiday without worrying that everything is falling apart back home.

I want to help you achieve all of those things – to generate more leads and close more sales, to charge what you’re worth and to have a better work/life balance.

And I can assure you: these things are possible to achieve, when you’ve solved the number one problem for UK estate agents.

I’ve already alluded to this, but let me be absolutely clear:

The reason why most estate agents aren’t where they want to be is because they don’t have a system to generate the quantity of leads they need.

They’ll try all sorts of different marketing techniques to try and generate leads – some will work and some won’t, but because there’s no predictability in how many leads are coming through, it’s very difficult to increase the size and scale of their Marketing.

But when you have a proven system and framework that brings in enough leads and converts them to customers, everything else is taken care of.

With an abundance of leads comes more customers.

With more customers comes more income, more brand visibility and more referral opportunity.

With more brand visibility and more referral opportunity comes increased positioning and the ability to increase your prices and generate more profit.

It’s a golden circle, and it all starts with enough leads.

You might be sitting there thinking, “I agree with all that, but I’m still stuck – I don’t know how to generate enough leads”.

And if you are, I don’t blame you – you’re very good at marketing and selling houses, but marketing your own services is a very different kettle of fish.

A very different kettle of fish that we happen to be very, very good at.

At PropertyStream, we know the marketing that REALLY works for estate agents.

Over the years, we’ve developed and refined a very specific framework that makes prospects pay attention, engage with your brand and convert them into customers.

And this framework is 100% proven – it’s responsible for generating more than 17,000 market appraisals for estate agents up and down the UK, each and EVERY month.

It works for PLCs, it works for independents. It works for one-man bands and multi-branch estate agents.

In short, if you’re an estate agent, it’ll work for you, so keep reading to discover how you can get your hands on it.

Our “Get Customers” framework isn’t a word document. It isn’t even a PDF.

It’s a philosophy and a methodology that manifests itself in a number of different ways, from specific marketing tactics and sales techniques through to overall approach to brand, business and marketing.

And it’s freely available to our Private Client group, which I’m inviting you to become part of today.

Here’s “what you get” when you become a PropertyStream Private Client:

Half-Day Strategic Session

When you become a Private Client, the senior PropertyStream team will travel to you for a half-day Strategy Session.

During that session, we’ll get very clear on your agency – who you are, who you serve and what your goals are, and agree a series of actions that’ll help you achieve the success in sales and profit that you want.

PropertyStream Inner Circle Meetings

One of the biggest challenges for most estate agency owners is that even when they know what to do, their chances of actually getting it done are slim.

And that’s where our full-day Inner Circle meetings come in – the PropertyStream team together with around a dozen switched-on agents will come together to talk shop, strategise and move things forward.

Your group will meet ten times a year, and during those meetings, you’ll get an opportunity to pick our brains and talk through problems and opportunities with other agents, as well as being accountable for the actions you promise to achieve at the end of each meeting.

Marketing Toolbox

Your marketing toolbox is like a prescription – you and your PropertyStream coach will put your heads together and come up with a series of actions for the next 90 days, including:

  • The priorities that must be achieved in those three months
  • The process for implementing those things
  • Weekly actions to focus the entire team on the job in hand
  • Monthly accountability calls to ensure progress

Monthly Conference Calls

As well as getting together in person ten times a year, we also hold monthly conference calls on Zoom, where we’ll deliver some valuable content as well as giving you an opportunity to get any of your questions answered.

The PropertyStream Get Customers Framework

The Get Customers methodology is a formula that we’ve used with our clients over the years.

If you’re familiar with PropertyStream, you’ll know that we specialise in websites, branding and marketing for estate agents, which means we’ve learnt a thing or two over the years and know more than our fair share about how to create effective online assets in the property sector.

In our ‘get customers framework’; we’ll be sharing what we know, helping you understand exactly what it is you need to do to win in this digital landscape, and how to do it too.

Via a combination of personal coaching and online video training, we share this with all of our clients, walking them through every element of the framework, including:

  • How to build a consistent brand that elevates your business in the eyes of your prospects
  • How to create content that resonates and appeals to your target audience
  • The importance of Google search and how to harness its power for your agency
  • Using Facebook to generate leads
  • Building a personal brand
  • Creating an ecosystem that generates you as many leads as you need
  • How to build authority in your marketplace
  • The secret to securing your prospect’s data
  • The how and why behind automation, and how you can use it to market to your audience via email and online
  • And much more!

In short, you’ll get every element of the Get Customers framework, either in person, on the phone with your coach or via our online learning platform.

Scheduled 1:1 Support

We don’t just give you information and tell you get on with it – our marketing and web experts will always be available to talk through any issues you’ve got and ensure that you’re accelerating towards your goals rather than getting stuck.

You’ll be able to schedule support whenever you want, and it can be delivered in-person in our office in London and Manchester, or via phone, Zoom or Skype.

Your Investment

If you’ve read this far, then the chances are you’re pretty interested in the idea of becoming a PropertyStream Private Client, and you’re just wondering how much it’s going to cost you.
So, let me tell you – your investment to become a PropertyStream Private Client is just £997 + VAT each month.

When you consider that that’s less than a Junior Marketer’s salary, national insurance and pension contributions will cost you, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a very reasonable fee indeed.

As a Private Client, you get expert marketeers on your team and quarterly campaigns are taken care of, which means no need to come up with your own ideas or creative – all of the activities needed to generate leads and create customers is included for just one monthly fee.

And it doesn’t end there – in addition, you’ll receive two highly valuable bonuses, just by taking action before the deadline:


A year’s FREE paid traffic management (worth £3,000)

Getting traffic to your website is a vital part of the Get Customers framework, and Google and Facebook are the best places to be to secure that traffic.

Our trained Google Ads and Facebook Ads experts will create you a fantastic lead converting valuation page and manage the paid traffic for it for an entire year, absolutely free – all you’ll need to do is pay for your ad spend.


Quarterly Done-For-You Campaign

Campaigns are a crucial part of the Get Customers framework, so each quarter for a whole year, you’ll have the PropertyStream team at your disposal, crafting you a brand new marketing campaign that’s on-brand, on-message and communicates effectively with the people you want to do business with when you come on board as a Private Client before 5pm on MONDAY 6TH JANUARY.

I’m sure you’ll agree that these two bonuses, make the PropertyStream Private Client offering even more compelling, but just before you make your decision, we’ve got ONE more thing to give you: 

Make your decision quickly, and come on board before 5pm on MONDAY 30TH DECEMBER and not only will you get those two fast mover bonuses, you’ll also get:


The truth is that most estate agents struggle to build their brand and create trust when it matters the most because they simply don’t communicate enough with their audience at the crucial point of conversion.

Our unique industry-leading, lead amplifying, valuation landing page PROPERTYSTREAM solves that problem by providing you with a tool designed to generate more leads, enabling you to capture potential vendors and landlords details in the fastest time possible.

It includes a proven design, engaging copy, credibility building customer testimonials and an instant AND professional valuation form designed to capture valuation leads and send straight to your inbox.


If you act fast, and get your application in before 5pm on MONDAY 30TH DECEMBER and we’ll upgrade your half-day strategic planning session to a double-length, full-day – giving you another three hours of our time with the PROPERTY STREAM TEAM.

So, it’s decision time. Is Private Clients right for you?

I can’t answer that for you. But what I can do is tell you who it’s not right for.

Private Clients isn’t for you if you’re doing less than £1 million in sales

We only work with people who can comfortably afford the investment, and who can leverage that investment to create significant profit – the very last thing we’d want to do is to take money off you without you being able to recoup your investment.

Private Clients isn’t for agents looking for quick wins 

No matter what anyone tells you, it’s impossible to transform your agency with one course or one product. Progress will come from hard work, patience and the right understanding that allows you to do the right stuff.

Private Clients isn’t for people looking to abdicate all responsibility

Yes, there’s A LOT that we do for you. Marketing campaigns, paid traffic, strategy, the list goes on. But you’ve got to do some work too. If you’re just looking to outsource your marketing and forget about it, Private Clients isn’t for you.

What’s The Next Step?

We do have an application process in place for anyone who wants to become a Private Client, and there are a few very sensible reasons for that.

Firstly, we only want to work with agencies that we feel we can get results for.

We’ve got no interest in taking your money if we don’t feel that we can help you get a return, so we want to review your application and talk to you before we make our decision.

Secondly, we have to make sure you’re a good fit for the group.

We care very deeply about our current Private Clients, and we want to make sure that the balance is right, and that everyone is happy.

Thirdly, we want to make sure that you are totally happy to proceed.

If you’re not 100% behind the decision to come on board, or you’re sceptical, then the chances are that we won’t be a great fit, and we’d rather work that out before we waste anyone’s time or anyone’s money.

If you are the right fit, then we’ll get started.

So, here’s what to do next:

1. Click the button below to START YOUR APPLICATION for Private Clients

2. One of us will be in touch to schedule a call

3. We’ll get on the phone, and chat in more detail about your agency and your goals

4. If both parties are happy to proceed, we’ll get a date in the diary, and get started

Remember that if you want the four fast mover bonuses – PropertyStream Membership and the free Quarterly Done-For-You Campaigns,  you’ll need to take action by 5pm on MONDAY 6TH JANUARY, and if you want to secure the double-length, full-day strategic planning session plus our unique industry-leading, lead amplifying, valuation landing page too, you’ll need to take action by 5pm on MONDAY 30TH DECEMBER.

Thanks for reading – I hope to work with you very soon to drive more leads and sales into your agency, and help you transform it into the business you’ve always wanted it to be.

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